To be a woman

Deep breath…


To be a woman is to be gorgeously complex and radiant in your vulnerability and imperfection.


To be a woman is to experience a wild kaleidoscope of emotions on any given day. To have a massive capacity for joy, despair, love, rage, envy, jealousy, compassion, grief, and hope. To feel so deeply that all experiences are enhanced and life is made rich, exciting, and constantly changing.


To be a woman is to be powerful beyond measure. To dictate the energy of any room you walk into, any space you inhabit – your household, your community, your country, the world. To be able to pulsate with pleasure and move through life with your own inner wisdom as your primary guiding force.


To be a woman is to be a deep well of receptivity. To spark, attract, and expand creativity, inspiration, and magic. To thrive in community and in sisterhood.


These are gifts that exist within all women. Yet not all of these gifts are celebrated. Not all of them are understood or embraced. In fact, many of these gifts are feared, ignored, or flat out rejected.


The answer is not to act more like a man. Your power lies in being fully woman, and most of all, to be entirely and uniquely YOU.


There are many ways to connect with your feminine vibrance and flow, your deep well of power and creativity, your wisdom and joy. I encourage you to explore and find a pathway that resonates for you.


May I offer you an opportunity now?


I have 3 spots remaining in this Saturday’s workshop, You Are The Compass. If you can’t make this weekend, there’s another one coming up in December. You can RSVP for either one right HERE.


Let’s keep rising together.

Love, Sasha


P.S. Not in LA but still resonating with this message and wanting more? Contact me and let me know.




Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

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