When one person heals, we all heal

Happy Thanksgiving!


What are you reflecting on today? Perhaps you’re looking around and bursting with gratitude for all that surrounds you – your family, your friends, your home, an abundance of delicious home-cooked food (or amazing take out). I’m exceedingly grateful for all those things too, and I also find myself being thankful for what’s happening on the inside.


Adulthood for basically everyone involves multiple healing journeys. It could be recovering from a breakup, working through childhood trauma, discovering a new career path, or letting go of an addiction. As we grow up, and grow old, the opportunities to heal are endless. As we move through them, the richer and more colorful our experience of life becomes.


A good amount of energy and focus for me this year was (and continues to be) devoted to a physical healing journey that also led me to healing of my energy and some deep emotional trauma I wasn’t even fully aware I was carrying. The “dis-ease” rests in my reproductive organs and affects my menstrual cycle, which for women is a hotbed of emotion and affects everything from our energy level to our relationships.


I am extremely thankful to say that I have steadily been recovering and my symptoms dissipating. This is due to supporting the process of healing from as many angles as possible: nutrition coaching, natural supplements, acupuncture, and spiritual counseling to name a few.


The body is a remarkable system of balance. When it’s off balance, it lets us know through illness, weight gain or weight loss, injuries, skin problems, and so much more. With the right support, it’s absolutely incredible how the body can recover!


This Thanksgiving, I invite you to reflect on your body. Be thankful for all that it allows you to do, to experience, and to enjoy. Be thankful for everything it’s withstood, and all the ways in which it heals. Be thankful for everything it teaches you.


Do you know that when one person heals, we all heal? We are all connected energetically, simply by sharing this time and space. If you feel blessed with abundance this season or simply in the mood to be generous and do something kind for a stranger, please consider supporting my friend Gabrielle Olko in her healing journey.


This beautiful soul has a brain tumor that doctors have deemed inoperable. But her bravery is boundless and through the help and kindness of those around her, she can continue seeking treatment through an Ayurvedic clinic in India. Read more about her story and donate HERE.  


Happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful for you!!


Lots of Love,





Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

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