When you’ve tried everything and nothing is working

I’ve been in conversation with someone recently who feels completely discouraged with life. She has no money, no job prospects, and feels like she’s tried everything, yet nothing is working out for her.


I’m sending her resources to help shift her mindset. I’m supporting her however I can. And I realize…


I was there too.


Not too long ago, I felt like it was time to throw in the towel with my life coaching practice. I felt like I’d tried everything, and nothing was working for me. I was massively in debt from repeatedly attempting expensive social media sales funnels and even more expensive marketing trainings that were bringing in paltry results at best.


And it didn’t make any sense to me. The clients I had worked with had all achieved amazing results. I felt like life had led me into coaching, that it was my purpose. Experience had proven I was an effective coach and that I could really serve people, so why was life screwing me over like this??


If this is what you want me to do God, then why aren’t you helping me out?!?!


Right when I was ready to give up–literally researching an entirely different career path–life intervened.


Small signs and clues started trickling in. I discovered that 2 coaches I admired never used social media to build their coaching practices, because, “it just didn’t work for them.” Whoa.


Then I attended a workshop (that I almost said no to because I was feeling so discouraged!) that shifted everything for me. I saw that my problem had nothing to do with coaching, but with my insistence that there was only one way to make a successful career out of it. I bought into the misunderstanding that the only way to be successful and non-location dependent is to be internet famous. That is one way, not the only way. 


When I looked at the evidence though, my practice was most successful when I was simply serving the people that were coming toward me, or whom I approached directly. This is what worked best for me because it’s what felt best for me. So I was able to be fully present with the people in front of me, doing what I do best, and they could experience their best as a result.


What didn’t work was gripping tightly to one methodology and one vision of success, without allowing space for other possibilities. Not only that, I didn’t like the methodology. I found it time consuming and draining. I wanted to be in conversation with people, not obsessed with the minutia of a facebook ad campaign.


So I did just that. I let go, and I let life guide me. I decided to simply have my eyes wide open and allow myself to be guided to those that were calling me in, be bold in my invitations, and serve them powerfully.


Within 1 month I had signed 3 new private clients, earning the highest fees I had ever charged.


Game changer.


You see the thing is, there is no truth to “I’ve tried everything and nothing works.” It’s impossible to try everything. What is everything? And how do you know nothing is working? Sometimes what’s working is the immensely important learning of what doesn’t work!


The key is to notice where you’re gripping tightly and learn how to let go while still being in action. It may sound tricky but it’s really not. It’s beautiful, and it’s what will allow your life to feel like it’s flowing exactly as it’s meant to. Because it is.


Where in your life do you feel like you’re holding too tightly? Where would you like to experience greater flow?


Would you like more support with this?


On Saturday, May 27 I’m leading a complimentary workshop here in LA called Release to Rise: How to Let Go and Let Life Propel You Toward Your Dreams, and you’re invited! It will be a powerful and transformative experience.


I have 7 spots available. Want to come?


You can RSVP right HERE.


Love you, Sasha


Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

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