You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get

Decisions, decisions…


They can be both overwhelming and exciting, and if they’re big enough are usually accompanied with much discussion, research, and weighing of pros and cons. That’s all good, yet most of the time what determines whether or not we pull the trigger is the strength of our desire. Because you can find reasons and justifications to do it or not to do it, yet you’ll always lean toward what you want anyway, and find the resources to make it happen.


The true magic comes in discovering what you couldn’t possibly anticipate. Because the truth is, you never know what you’re going to get.


I see evidence of this in my life all the time.


I didn’t know when I adopted a dog, she would bring a sense of completion to my household I didn’t even know was missing.



I didn’t know when I enrolled in Amber Krzys’s Coaching Immersion Adventure, I’d attend Helen Bradley’s Playful Art Studio, reawaken my creative spirit, and start painting every single morning!


I didn’t know when I bought a ticket to attend Danielle LaPorte’s book tour, I would participate in a group Ohm and remember that’s my favorite part of going to yoga class (and get back to class).


The key is that all these decisions were made from a place of strength and desire. I wanted to them, I felt clear and strong in my choice, and they ended up bringing far more than I expected or could have anticipated.


I see it happen for my coaching clients all the time too. They invest in coaching for a specific reason, and so much more comes to life. Like Katrina who did The Sacred Art of Self-Care program to reconnect to her creative passions, and ended up finding so much peace in being single, she found her love match and now has a baby. Or Stephen who started life coaching to transform his personal life and ended up honing strong leadership skills at work, allowing him to continue to expand his department.


My point in sharing all this is to say… listen to your desire! When you want something, and it’s coming from a place of strength (because any time I’ve done something from a place of desperation the repercussions have been far more negative than positive), that’s a clue to fulfilling something that you want consciously, and most likely something else that is unconsciously wanting fulfillment too. Yes, the practical research and consideration is of course important and you just never know the complete picture until you go for it.


What are your thoughts? Share in the comments below about a time you did something big and got way more than you bargained for. 




Transformational Life Coach & doTERRA Essential Oil Consultant


P.S. Learn more about Amber Krzys HERE and Helen Bradley HERE.


Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

4 thoughts on “You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get

  1. This is so awesome Sasha. I’m in the process of big decisions now and this just gave me confidence to trust in my desire and strength that is moving me forward in these decisions.
    I love the photo of you painting. Those paintings look awesome. I just bought mini canvas and brushes today to begin painting on. Thank you for sharing your light, wisdom and beauty.


    1. Dear Shaina,
      You’re so welcome. I’m glad this article is supportive to what you’re going through and I’m excited to hear what changes/decisions are afoot.
      All the best!


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