How to do Forever

Photo by Daria Sukhorukova on Unsplash

Forever can be a daunting proposition.


Nine years ago I got divorced. Although severing a forever commitment is heart-wrenching and stressful under any circumstances, it was a very happy decision for me. And I was convinced at that point that marriage was a completely useless institution. If you can be married without actually being committed to your partner and the health of your relationship, then what’s the point of getting married? The important part is the commitment level, not the marriage status.


Nine years later, I still believe it’s true that the commitment level is more important than the marriage status. Yet, I no longer feel that marriage is useless. It serves a meaningful purpose on on many levels: practically, symbolically, emotionally, and for some spiritually. And, even given the staggering divorce rate, people are still doing it!


So for the grand finale of this relationship series, I felt it was important to talk about how to do forever. And what better way than to speak to someone who’s been married for almost 40 years?!


It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you Barbara Gillen, woman extraordinaire, happily married after 38 years, and…my Aunt 🙂


We cover a lot of ground in this interview. It’s a long one, and I highly encourage you to stick with it all the way through. Whether you’re married or in a long term relationship, or simply want to be at some point in your life, you will walk away with a lot of value and ideas you can come back to again and again…



In the comments below, please share your BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS. What a-ha moments did you have? What changes or new approach are you going to take in your current relationship moving forward?


And remember to share this video! As Barbara says, happy marriages make for happy people which enriches everybody’s lives.


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Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

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