Birthday Wishes

It was my 37th birthday on Sunday! Of course this had me reflecting on the past 37 years and asking what it is that I’m taking with me into this new year of my life.

The same theme keeps popping up over and over again, and here it is. When something doesn’t feel right – when you feel off, depressed, angry, agitated, restless, sick, in pain – the call to action is not to make yourself feel better…

It’s an invitation to explore!

Explore how you feel. Explore where it’s coming from. Explore the possible root causes. Explore possible solutions.

Life is a constant exploration. It’s cool to ride the wave of contentment when it’s there, but when it’s not, look around, look within, and be open to the possibilities that surround you. Open doors, peek under rocks, enter the dark spaces, dust out the cobwebs, and no matter what, beneath the pain, you will find JOY, if you are WILLING TO CREATE IT AND TO RECEIVE IT.

Here are my birthday wishes (besides this awesome watch I got…)

What I’m creating and receiving in the 38th year of my life…





This is what’s up for me in my own life and what I am working with my clients to experience in theirs.

So I invite you to connect with me! You might think because this email is going out “to my list” that I’m not talking to you directly, but I am! It gives me great joy when you reach out and tell me how you’re doing and what you’re working on or working through in your life. Email me [] and let me know. 

Or maybe we can even connect tonight at GIRLS’ NIGHT IN! It’s easily become my favorite monthly event in LA. I’d love to see your face if you’re in town.

Lots of Love,


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When Bad Timing Is Actually Perfect Timing


Is there ever really a “good” time to get hit with a wave of depression? Of course not. But just because the timing feels inconvenient doesn’t mean it’s not perfect.


When you allow yourself to truly surrender to times of darkness, and go deep into it, you will always find buried treasure. If something is pulling you down into despair, chances are there’s a truth deep within that is asking to be heard, and something, probably many things, that want to be healed and released.


My recent dance with depression brought forth so many golden insights, I felt compelled to share some of them with you…


The big takeaways:

  • There really is no such thing as bad timing. Everything that happens in your life is perfectly timed, even if you don’t like how it feels. Your job is to surrender and allow.
  • Depression and despair can be a sign that you’re not moving in alignment with your truth. Take the opportunities of darkness for deep inquiry and reflection.
  • Having a coach in your life helps your truth to be heard. Sometimes we need an external force or voice to bring our inner voice to the surface.


In the comments below, share something that seemed like terrible timing in the moment, but ended up being exactly what you needed.


Love, Sasha



How to cope with tragedy

How do you accurately describe the fear, hatred, and racism that are dominating our media and society right now. Disappointing? Tragic? Embarrassing? Completely utterly unacceptable? I’m sure you’re feeling it too. In the midst of all of this, how are you feeling?


There are certain things that happen in the world, and that happen in your life, that can knock you down. That can make you feel bitter, angry, depressed, and despondent. That can fill your heart with pain and a deep well of grief. Though it might be terrifying, though it might feel dangerous, I think it is important to acknowledge and truly feel your feelings!


Having a positive and loving attitude does not mean that you have no other emotions. What it does mean is that you can allow yourself the time and space to go into your pain and hurt and have the faith and certainty that it’s safe to do so, and that you will pull out of it.


Feeling safe experiencing your emotions and knowing how to take care of yourself through the waves comes with having a strong spiritual muscle. This is what allows you to cope with tragedy, to break down when it’s time to break down, and to stand back up when life is asking you to move forward.


Think about it from a physical standpoint. When you’re in great shape, but something knocks you out of your routine for several days, or even several weeks, once you start up your fitness routine again your muscle memory is there and it’s much easier to return to your previous strength and energy.


The same goes for your soul. If you have routines and practices in your life that nourish your soul and build your spiritual muscle, then your ability to withstand the inevitable waves of triumph and tragedy in your life is so much more solid. You will know that a few days down in the dumps is not going to mean a lifetime of despair. The emotions will move through, and you will inevitably return to your center of love and joy from which you can be most supportive to yourself, to your loved ones, to your community, and to the world.


It’s when you allow emotions to get stuck that you feel trapped in stress and sadness, or your body starts to break down, or your relationships suffer.


So, what to do? There are so many ways you can strengthen your spiritual muscle, and it is truly a matter of personal preference in terns of what works best for you and your life. But daily practice is key! My top three ways of strengthening my spiritual muscle are:

  1. Meditation (with breathwork and mantra)
  2. Journaling (which incorporates prayer)
  3. Spending time in nature (hiking and going to the beach)


But truly you can structure your entire daily routine around spiritual wellness and that’s when your experience of life really starts to shift radically!


If you’re feeling a little lost with all of this, if it sounds like a great idea but you have no idea where to start, I have good news for you. Rather than closing The Sacred Art of Self-Care Immersion Program for enrollment, I am keeping it open all summer long!


Some decisions can’t be rushed, and though my original plan was to have a group of 10 start on July 16, it’s just not panning out that way. So why hurry it? Making the choice to truly change your life is a big one. And I feel that more than ever we need a world filled with people with strong spiritual muscles! So the program is open for rolling enrollment, meaning, you can get started at any time from now until September 21, 2016.


The first step is simply to apply.


Let’s pool our resources! In the comments below, share your top 3 ways of strengthening your spiritual muscle. 


Wrapping you with love,


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Jennifer Daigle shares her journey from Sasha Marie Stone on Vimeo.

Jennifer discovers the value of investing in her growth and living with purpose through The Sacred Art of Self-Care.


More info on the program:


How to get more of what you want


When you want more of something in your life (such as money, friends, fun, love, shoes) do you focus your energy on what you already have or what’s missing?


Usually when you want more of something, it’s because you feel like you don’t have enough of it. “I don’t have anything to wear!” or “I can’t afford that.” So it’s natural to look at the deficit. However, when you acknowledge and celebrate what you do have, then joyfully ask for more of it, you’ll open up the energy to allow more of it to pour in.


Press play to learn what I mean…


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Click HERE to register, and invite your friends too!


In the comments below, share something you want more of and what you’re doing to celebrate what you already have.


Love, Sasha


If it doesn’t feel good, change it!


The past few days I’ve been chained to my computer, slaving away over a Facebook Ad campaign for a free training I’m doing.

Notice the words? Chained. Slaving. I felt miserable, heavy, no energy, everything felt overly difficult.

Then, a miracle! A massive shift happened that change the entire vibe of this project. Here’s what I was reminded of in this process…

The important take-aways…


  • When given advice from experts, take it in, allow it to land, then do what feels right for you. If it doesn’t feel good, you won’t enjoy the process! And if you don’t enjoy the process, you won’t create a positive result.
  • Don’t force it! If something isn’t coming naturally or feels like too much of a struggle or strain, walk away, let it breathe, and do something unrelated. This will open up the creative energy to flow so that ideas and guidance come with greater ease.
  • When you’re stuck, pray for a miracle. What I’m learning is that miracles are a shift in perspective, and when I remember to ask the Universe for this kind of support, I always receive. I also throw in that I’m willing to see things differently. That helps too!


In the comments below, share something you’re struggling with and how you can change it so it feels good for you.

Love, Sasha

P.S. The new training that was birthed from this process, that I am super excited about and loving, is called The 4 Keys to More Peaceful & Positive Energy Everyday. You can get instant access to it HERE.





Why “should” is a dangerous word

Do you ever have those moments when things aren’t going the way you wanted, but when you reflect back you realize there was a voice telling you to do things differently? Yet you pushed the voice aside aside, going with the other voice that was telling you what you should be doing?

Had one of those moments this week while visiting family in Toronto. The truth is, should is a dangerous word. Here’s why…

Can you relate? Would love to hear in the comments below.

And to go more in depth as to how to connect with those internal messages and signals (that never lie!), sign-up for the free training HERE

Love, Sasha

How social plans can benefit your self-care

You may be under the impression that self-care requires clearing your calendar, being alone, taking a bath, and getting a massage. Though all of those things are lovely and can definitely be rejuvenating, self-care is not only about isolation.

The truth is, you are a social creature and making social plans in many ways can benefit self-care. Too much time alone on the couch can lead to laziness and depression, whereas making plans with friends motivates you to tidy-up your space and put your best foot forward. It’s also fun! Which is an essential ingredient in any well-rounded self-care regimen.

Click on the video below for more on that topic, plus a special invitation to join my upcoming FREE TRAINING!

Here’s the link again for the free training, How to get the sacred rejuvenating success you desire:

Other great videos form this week…

Strengthening against anxietyPlay Video

Timing is everythingPlay Video

In the comments below, share something you have planned this week that is helping you get your self-care on!

Love, Sasha


Are you receiving what is good in your life?

Do you ever feel guilty about the good things in your life? Or how about when you’re receiving the support that you want, yet pushing it away at the same time? Sound familiar?

I know because I do this to myself all the time! Yet thankfully I’ve learned to catch myself in the process. And if I don’t, my boyfriend is more than happy to point it out to me 😉

I believe being able to receive is a practice. So often we associate joy and success with first needing to suffer. Guess what? You have suffered! Receive what’s beautiful in your life with open arms. Welcome it fully, and even more of what you want will flood your way.

More on that subject here…FB Live Day 10: Are you receiving what is good in your life? 

All of my Facebook Live videos are available HERE on my Youtube channel.

Facebook Live Video Roundup

For years I’ve been wanting to make videos, yet holding back holding back. Turns out I just needed the right platform! I’m loving Facebook Live and the ease with which I can share thoughts and insights. No fuss no muss.

Here’s this week’s roundup…

Day 2: Mentors are so important

Day 3: Friends make everything better

Day 4: It’s not just about what you want to do…

Day 5: Thoughts on weight loss

Day 6: My morning ritual and why you should have one too.

Why you’re panicking and how to stop

After feeling excited and energized all weekend, yesterday I went into major panic mode. Ahhhh, what am I doing? What if I fail? I suck!

Thankfully, after confessing my fears to my boyfriend, cooking a nourishing dinner, and taking action on some key items, I woke-up feeling excited and inspired again. Then I went to yoga this morning and saw the error of my ways that triggered the wave of panic. It was all in my imagination, and I could use that same imagination to turn it around. Let me explain…



Remember, you have no idea what’s going to happen so rather than waste energy obsessing over the outcome you don’t want, pour your imagination into the outcome you do want! You’ll feel happy, focused, and inspired to take the action necessary for that desired outcome to occur.

This video was recorded Live in this Facebook Group, Sacred Self-Care for Busy Women. Please join me there!

In the comments below, please share a time when you were panicking about the outcome you didn’t want and how you turned it around.

Love, Sasha

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