Feel extra fabulous on your vacation

Stay healthy, feel beautiful, and live luxuriously while away from home. After spending 10 glorious days on the beautiful island of St. Maarten/Martin, taking daily dips in the gorgeous Caribbean Sea, followed by 4 days in South Beach hanging poolside at the super stylish Raleigh Hotel, I’ve compiled 3 important tips for maintaining your naturalContinue reading “Feel extra fabulous on your vacation”

The best natural hair dye for gray coverage

The results are in! On this journey of all natural beauty care, making my own natural hair wash, conditioner, and hair product, I knew I also needed a natural solution to my ever-expanding collection of grays. Of course there is the option of just letting myself go gray gracefully, but after a couple months ofContinue reading “The best natural hair dye for gray coverage”

Ultra moisturizing DIY conditioner

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about my new love for DIY hair wash and conditioner. (If you missed that post, you can find it HERE.) The love affair continues, and I have since tweaked the Apple Cider Vinegar conditioner formula and come up with something even more delicious. The magic ingredient… BelleContinue reading “Ultra moisturizing DIY conditioner”

Why you should be poo-free

As you may already know, I believe strongly that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body when it comes to wellness. That’s the whole motivation behind the creation of Belle Coco, which I use head-to-toe, on hair, face, body, hands and feet. For a whileContinue reading “Why you should be poo-free”

Why natural skincare is best

I adore me some skincare products, particularly body moisturizers because I love my skin to feel soft and smooth. A couple years ago I started to get a little anxious about the long list of chemicals in my lotions and potions. Being very conscious of what I was putting in my body yet not soContinue reading “Why natural skincare is best”

The Best Skin Cleanser I’ve Ever Used

I often get compliments on my skin and people generally assume I’m 5-10 years younger than my actual age. I strongly believe that the primary reasons my skin has this youthful glow are the following: I drink water all day long. My diet consists primarily of vegetables, fruit, plant-based protein, and whole grains (in thatContinue reading “The Best Skin Cleanser I’ve Ever Used”

Be Natural and Stink-Free

There’s a lot of talk about antiperspirant and it’s possible dangers, which include Alzheimer’s and breast cancer. This is primarily due to its aluminum content, and its application in close proximity to breast tissue, on skin that is shaved often and sometimes nicked.   Is it true? I don’t know. If you Google it, it’sContinue reading “Be Natural and Stink-Free”