From crisis to action

Times of crisis often spur us into action to take better care of ourselves, our relationships, our finances, our hearts, our community, our environment, or our world. You might feel called to start working out, eating healthy, being kinder to your loved ones, taking a dance class, volunteering, protesting, being fearless in your business, askingContinue reading “From crisis to action”

To be a woman

Deep breath…   To be a woman is to be gorgeously complex and radiant in your vulnerability and imperfection.   To be a woman is to experience a wild kaleidoscope of emotions on any given day. To have a massive capacity for joy, despair, love, rage, envy, jealousy, compassion, grief, and hope. To feel soContinue reading “To be a woman”

Why you’re panicking and how to stop

After feeling excited and energized all weekend, yesterday I went into major panic mode. Ahhhh, what am I doing? What if I fail? I suck! Thankfully, after confessing my fears to my boyfriend, cooking a nourishing dinner, and taking action on some key items, I woke-up feeling excited and inspired again. Then I went toContinue reading “Why you’re panicking and how to stop”

How to Expand Abundance

All too often we think about what we want in the context of what we don’t have.   “I want to go shopping!” Underlying thought: I have no clothes. My wardrobe sucks.   “I want to go on vacation, but I don’t see how that’s possible anytime soon.” Underlying thought: I have too much workContinue reading “How to Expand Abundance”

Support your inward journey

Happy Fall Equinox! Or if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, Happy Spring Equinox!   On the day of the equinox, we experience daylight and darkness in equal amounts. What a perfect time to embrace your light and dark fully! You are not only one note. You are many things, many emotions, many expressions of existence.Continue reading “Support your inward journey”

Finding motivation and clarity

We lead very full lives, and it’s easy to feel distracted, overwhelmed, and exhausted most of the time. It happens to me too, and sometimes my life seems like a never-ending process of checking items off my to-do list (or avoiding them!). I know it’s important to take time to paint the picture of whatContinue reading “Finding motivation and clarity”

Reflections of nature: Shedding layers

There is this beautiful peeling tree in my backyard. Its bark is coming off in big slabs, and underneath it is a smooth mint green new skin. When I discovered this tree, it gave me great joy for a couple of reasons. First of all, I love peeling things! So I happily gave it someContinue reading “Reflections of nature: Shedding layers”

Winter Solstice reflections: A year of letting go

Today is the Winter Solstice, the darkest day of the year and the start of a new moon. Before ploughing ahead into 2015 with a multitude of goals and resolutions, today is a wonderful day to reflect on the year that’s passed, see all that’s occurred, and notice important turning points, patterns, discoveries, and opportunitiesContinue reading “Winter Solstice reflections: A year of letting go”

Everything’s going to be ok

Do you realize how much time you spend stressing about what might be, afraid of how things may or may not turn out, even though you actually have no idea how it’s all going to unfold? A lot of mental energy goes into that worrying, yet in the end, it all turns out just fine.Continue reading “Everything’s going to be ok”

Choose Pleasure

Everyday presents a series of choices, some more conscious than others. In every moment we are given the opportunity to choose what to do with our time. How often do you choose pleasure? It seems we are taught that the only productive use of time is to attend to our never-ending list of responsibilities andContinue reading “Choose Pleasure”