How to cope with tragedy

How do you accurately describe the fear, hatred, and racism that are dominating our media and society right now. Disappointing? Tragic? Embarrassing? Completely utterly unacceptable? I’m sure you’re feeling it too. In the midst of all of this, how are you feeling?   There are certain things that happen in the world, and that happenContinue reading “How to cope with tragedy”

Why “should” is a dangerous word

Do you ever have those moments when things aren’t going the way you wanted, but when you reflect back you realize there was a voice telling you to do things differently? Yet you pushed the voice aside aside, going with the other voice that was telling you what you should be doing? Had one of thoseContinue reading “Why “should” is a dangerous word”

What to do when you don’t know what to do

There are times in life when you’re presented with a challenging situation or a difficult decision, and you just don’t know what to do. You find yourself constantly weighing pros and cons and coming up with if/then scenarios, but nothing is speaking to you as the “right” move.   I don’t believe there necessarily isContinue reading “What to do when you don’t know what to do”

Support your inward journey

Happy Fall Equinox! Or if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, Happy Spring Equinox!   On the day of the equinox, we experience daylight and darkness in equal amounts. What a perfect time to embrace your light and dark fully! You are not only one note. You are many things, many emotions, many expressions of existence.Continue reading “Support your inward journey”

What is feminine energy and why it matters

In the Sacred Art of Self-Care I stress the importance of nurturing your feminine energy, but what does that mean? Often, what comes to mind when we hear the word “feminine” are stereotypes like the color pink, flowers, perfume, shopping, make-up, ballerinas, and romantic comedies. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of thoseContinue reading “What is feminine energy and why it matters”

A Journey to Self

Have you ever had an experience where it feels like you have it all together, your life is moving in a way that feels good to you. Then Bam! It all comes crashing down and you’re left feeling like you’re starting from scratch…again!   This has happened to me in a major way twice inContinue reading “A Journey to Self”

Spring Equinox: The real new year

Wow, the last time I blogged was on the Winter Solstice, and today is the Spring Equinox. That’s not at all how I planned it, but amazing that things turned out that way. In a very real sense, I’ve been in the dark of winter. Not because I’ve been depressed, and certainly not because IContinue reading “Spring Equinox: The real new year”

Turkey – A beautiful world of contradictions

Turkey is a beautiful country of dualities and contradictions, multiple worlds, cultures, ideas and traditions coexisting in stark contrast, mostly in harmony, yet also in conflict. It’s precisely this wonderful melding and merging that makes Turkey so spectacular and unique, because it’s all done so well, with attention to detail, artistry, flavor, and grace. ToweringContinue reading “Turkey – A beautiful world of contradictions”

The very fun practice of tuning into pleasure

Did you miss me last week? Today marks my 70th Wellness Wednesday, and last week was the only week in that stream of 70 that I have not posted an article and sent out a newsletter.   So what happened?? I went on vacation! It’s not that I haven’t traveled in 70 weeks, but evenContinue reading “The very fun practice of tuning into pleasure”

A mantra for how you want to be in the world

“Friendliness is my natural state of being,” is my favorite personal mantra these days.   I’ve adopted this mantra because I am on a mission to engage with as many people as possible every single day, especially strangers. It’s a personal challenge to myself, as historically I’ve been quiet, shy, and introverted.   You see,Continue reading “A mantra for how you want to be in the world”