Serious Life Expansion

  Dear Readers,   On this journey of creating a life I love by doing what I love, helping people heal and connect with their highest potential through yoga, Marie Forleo’s guidance has helped me start my business with the highest level of authenticity and integrity possible. It is a goal of mine this yearContinue reading “Serious Life Expansion”

What’s going on back there?

  As a society, or perhaps as part of the human condition, we tend to see only what is in front of our faces, and even that can be challenging at times!  This same problem exists in yoga class when attention is paid primarily to the detail of the front body while what’s going onContinue reading “What’s going on back there?”

The Revolution: Yoga as Therapy

  This is a story of two friends, John and Marc, who found their way to yoga later on in life than most.  What led them there was not a desire to do handstands, find enlightenment, or achieve a slender chiseled physique.  Rather, it was the desire to be free of pain and find joyContinue reading “The Revolution: Yoga as Therapy”