Not Your Doctor’s Checklist: The Top 4 Benefits of Doing Yoga

It may sound cliché, but yoga changed my life, and continues to with every practice. From that transformation, I have created this list of the top 4 benefits of doing yoga.   As a little preface, you should know that before yoga came into my life, I was a gym rat. I went to theContinue reading “Not Your Doctor’s Checklist: The Top 4 Benefits of Doing Yoga”

Respect your Body and Feel Extra Amazing!

Are you respecting your body in your chosen form of exercise or body movement? For years I thought I was, but it turns out, not so much. Thankfully, I turned it all around. For a few months now, I’ve been in an energy lull. Slow moving, not wanting to do any exercise that’s too rigorous,Continue reading “Respect your Body and Feel Extra Amazing!”

There are no Mistakes: Reflections on my Year at Mind In Body

Mind In Body is closing. This Saturday, June 1, is the last day of class.     For those of you that don’t know, Mind In Body is the studio that I moved Be Open Yoga to a year ago. It was a risky and ballsy move as it did not fit a typical yogaContinue reading “There are no Mistakes: Reflections on my Year at Mind In Body”

What do YOU want?

My mission these days is to get people to ask themselves this very simple yet vitally important question.  Seems easy enough, you might even think you already do it, but I guarantee most of the time your mind flips so fast to obstacles, fears, insecurities, and judgment that you don’t even have time to beContinue reading “What do YOU want?”

Get Your Hands Dirty

Do you ever sit down in front of your computer with a clear intention to get work done, then find yourself spaced out on Facebook or just stuck?  The ideas aren’t flowing.  The words aren’t coming easily.  Whatever it is you’re doing feels like a chore?   In our internet based lifestyles, I think mostContinue reading “Get Your Hands Dirty”

Be Teachable, Be Inspired

Being teachable applies on so many levels and kicks up your vibration in a major way.  From moment to moment, being teachable keeps you open, compassionate, and receptive.  More specifically, being teachable in your creative passion, career or otherwise, keeps you growing, inspired, and thriving.  Allow me to explain.   As a yoga teacher, IContinue reading “Be Teachable, Be Inspired”

I love you and I’m listening.

Our bodies are highly intelligent and communicate with us constantly.  Well, at least they try to, though sometimes we don’t listen.  In those cases, the body usually finds ways to speak louder, scream if necessary, so we pay attention.   We all know its common signals: butterflies of excitement, sweaty nervous palms, stress tension atContinue reading “I love you and I’m listening.”

Walking Meditation – A Video Guide

  Thankfully, meditation has moved into the mainstream, and you’re no longer considered a weirdo if it’s part of your daily routine (at least I hope not!).  The benefits of meditation are undeniable and span the full spectrum of wellness from mental,  to emotional, to physical, to spiritual.  A lot of people are curious aboutContinue reading “Walking Meditation – A Video Guide”

Serious Life Expansion

  Dear Readers,   On this journey of creating a life I love by doing what I love, helping people heal and connect with their highest potential through yoga, Marie Forleo’s guidance has helped me start my business with the highest level of authenticity and integrity possible. It is a goal of mine this yearContinue reading “Serious Life Expansion”

What’s going on back there?

  As a society, or perhaps as part of the human condition, we tend to see only what is in front of our faces, and even that can be challenging at times!  This same problem exists in yoga class when attention is paid primarily to the detail of the front body while what’s going onContinue reading “What’s going on back there?”