Key #1

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Key #1 – Brainwash Yourself with love and kindness

Press PLAY to learn how…

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Your Homework…

  • Step 1: Pay attention to your thoughts. What are your unconscious stress-inducing mantras? Jot down some notes.
  • Step 2: Create a conscious positive mantra. Make it the opposite of our unconscious negative mantra and make sure it feels good to you.
  • Step 3: Use your mantra! In moments of stress, anxiety, or simply when you notice the negative thoughts, repeat your mantra silently util you feel a change.
  • Step 4: Share your experiences in the comments below. What were your unconscious thoughts? What’s you conscious positive mantra? What changes did you feel when you replaced your negative soundtrack with your positive mantra?


P.S. Ready for Key #2? You can access it right HERE.


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5 thoughts on “Key #1

  1. Hard, if not impossible, to grasp”unconscious” thoughts but easier to recognize the perceptions they produce, real or unreal and the emotions that accompany them. Lately, the de-cluttering process of emotional, mental, physical and material baggage has stirred up a lot of discomfort hopefully leading to the release of it all. Basically, it is FEAR that underlies any attachment to letting go.
    My conscious mantras are: As I think so I shall create … I am Divinely guided along my path and all my needs are met … I am One with the All and the All is One with me.
    Trust is my gain to be that which I am meant to be in this moment as I am willing to see things differently.


    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Maya! Your mantras are so exquisitely beautiful! I’m sure they shift your energy in the moment, and carry with them so much transformative power. Love that you are working with ACIM and experiencing all the openings that it brings.


  2. Oh, Sasha … I wrote my comments prior to seeing that you made the
    video … Wow! It is all so Perfect … yes it is!!!


    1. My biggest obstacle in life comes from the early life experiences of being neglected, left alone with my child problems, emotions. The world felt like unfriendly place with no one that cared. The cycle keeps repeating with periods of abundance, friendships and love followed by a “dry” period. Right now, for the last 5-6 years I’m experiencing a dry period and it is wearing on me. I moved to a new place, got married and it was all with great hopes of finally having that family, friendships, support system. It all failed (including empty, unhappy and unfulfilling marriage with no kids) and my sense of childhood despair and loneliness came back with a new vicious force. The worse part is I’m loosing hope life will ever happen to me and it feels like I’m slowly vanishing as a person I could ever be. My affirmation for today is: “people in my life love, cherish and care for me”


      1. Eva, thank you for sharing. Your affirmation is very powerful, and true. You are loved. You are cared for.

        I’m happy you found your way to this series. The truth is, life doesn’t happen to you, you make it happen. If you feel that your childhood experience is still a big obstacle in your life, then that is probably a good place to focus on for some deep healing and releasing work. So you can move on and create the life experience you desire with a new sense of yourself and your worthiness.

        Keep us posted on how the process is going for you!


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