Key #3

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Key #3 – pamper yourself all day long


Press PLAY to learn how…

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Your Homework…

  • Take sacred pauses in times of transition or in regular 30-minute increments. Tune into your body and ask, “What do I need right now?” Move your body, drink water, eat a nourishing meal, rest, etc.
  • Share your experiences in the comments below. Was this challenging for you? How did you feel at the end of your day after pampering yourself all day long.
  • Mark your calendar! I’m excited to present The 4th Key to you in a LIVE WEBINAR on Thursday, June 23, at 2:00pm Pacific, where you can also ask questions and share your experiences. The login details will be sent to you in an email. See you soon!


P.S. Want to revisit the first 2 keys?

You can find the video for Key #1 HERE

and Key #2 HERE.


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3 thoughts on “Key #3

  1. Sasha … I feel the need to submit a comment which you may find odd. Watching you with your beautiful face, listening to the smooth and comforting modulation of your voice is an uplifting experience. However, the music in the background (at least for me) is a grating, redundant, unpleasant and almost louder than your voice experience distracting me from fully absorbing your messages.

    I love this series of videos … love them … and I shall be sure to take the pauses you suggest … being very VATA I am always on the move until I deflate into my KAPHA mode at the end of the day. I carry my BREATHE Oil in my purse which helps to center me back into an energy balance. 3 deep inhales / 3 long exhales … Sigh. Sending Love & Gratitude ♥


    1. Hi Maya,

      I appreciate your honest reflection. I’m sorry the music is distracting for you! It did end up being louder than I wanted. I would edit it out if it wasn’t so much of a disruption to the whole video sequence. I’ll see what I can do…

      And I can totally relate! I am very vata/kapha as well. So happy you enjoyed these videos (except for the music 😉 and that you received practices that you can put into action in your life. Will you be joining in on the live webinar?

      Love, Sasha


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