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Photo by Ron Brown



“I recently began working with Sasha in one of her yoga classes. She is a singularly superb teacher – mindful of just the kind of gentle instruction students need in order to facilitate more complete poses, better alignment, and over all well being. Her classes are well paced and very creative – she includes positions that are unique and very healing. Sasha’s overall demeanor and approach is warm, compassionate and caring. Each time class is over I find myself looking forward to the next!” -Susan


“Sasha is a knowledgeable, intuitive, challenging, and fun yoga teacher.  In her classes she creates a rich environment blending vigorous asana practice with inner mindfulness, all carried out with an easy going relaxed manner.   She has given me and others in my class personal attention and adjustments and corrected potentially harmful mistakes in alignment.  Her outer beauty is an accurate reflection of her whole self which she shares generously with her students.” -Charles


“I have worked with Sasha for many months as a private student and enthusiastically recommend her. She is very knowledgeable about yoga, very good at explaining things, very good at working with beginners (which I was when I started), and a pleasure to work with.  I am sure that, whatever your level of yoga experience, she can help you make further progress.” -Dave


“Private sessions with Sasha are well worth it for the extra attention you receive.  After just a few hours working together, she knows my body better than I do.  Sasha tailors each session around what my body needs, whether I know it or not.  She’s great instructor and very cool.” -Anthony


“Sasha is an amazingly gifted yoga teacher.  She is able to combine her extensive knowledge of the anatomy of yoga with a level of love and concern for her students that is unparalleled.  Taking a class from Sasha is both an invigorating and relaxing experience and I always leave having both learned something new and wearing a smile.  She is easily my favorite yoga teacher in Los Angeles.” -Wes


Thai Yoga Massage


“Just wanted to  let you know  that the massage was wonderful, incredible, I really don’t have enough  superlatives to fully describe it.  I had a great sleep last night, and can’t remember when my neck and shoulders were so  loose  and relaxed.  Also, my hips are feeling great, one of those stretches we did – I don’t exactly remember ever doing  it in a class – seemed to free up something that was locked, and even now there is no pain or stiffness.” -Ed


“After a magical 2-hour Thai yoga massage session with Sasha, I found myself in a transcendent state. Her strength and gentleness allowed me to leave the session feeling completely relaxed yet energized.  I have never experienced a session where I’ve felt so willing to surrender and completely let go of my emotional blockages and stresses. I still feel amazing, days later… What an incredible experience.” -Jamie


“My body and spirit were tingling after the session.” -Karyn


“Sasha is blessed with capable hands and rare intuition — the Thai Yoga massage was a very relaxing and rejuvenating experience, all the more so because she was so in tune with my energy and needs.  I loved the experience!” -Alexandra


“Sasha is one of those rare individuals who both understand the importance of the body-mind connection and who put that understanding into practice.  I experienced this firsthand when I received a Thai massage from her that left me in a state of both physical and mental bliss.  Although I’ve had Thai massages in the past, I had never received one from someone who understood exactly how to balance physical strength with a gentle touch.  Sasha’s unique skills combined with her soothing demeanor elevated the massage into something that stayed with me long after it was finished.  I simply cannot recommend her highly enough.”-Wesley


“This was my first Thai Yoga massage and I loved it. It was such a magical experience and it definitely makes me want to come back for more. It took me to another place – a very good place – that I can’t wait to visit again.” -Lisa


“My session was fantastic! Flowy, smooth, every hold felt like just the right amount of time, pressure was great. I spent most of the session in an altered state and fell asleep for a bit at the end. Lovely energy and connection to me as a client.” -Caroline


“Amazing. I’m not sure what else to say. I have had Thai Yoga massages all over the world and never would have guessed that the best one would be in LA.” -Rob


“My session with Sasha was amazing. I appreciated the attention to detail she took in caring for and working with my body. I feel totally balanced and at ease.” -Angie