Masterful Mornings Coaching Package


Bespoke Morning Routine + 2 Private Coaching Sessions

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Start your days feeling energized, refreshed, and focused with a fully customized morning routine to suit your specific needs, goals, and lifestyle. Having direction is helpful. However, creating new habits effectively means removing any blocks that are keeping your vision from becoming your reality. Ensure your success by receiving 2 one-hour private coaching sessions with Sasha to help you get organized, feel empowered, and overcome any obstacles to mastering your mornings.

During your first session, you’ll establish a clear vision for what you want your mornings to look and feel like and identify any possible blocks to getting there. Sasha will then create your morning routine for you, and send it to you as a PDF. Your second coaching session will be scheduled for about 2 weeks after your first one so you can share how it’s going, work through anything that’s come up along the way, and make any necessary changes to the routine.

After your purchase, schedule your coaching session and complete the morning routine survey (links provided on the checkout page).



Snooze after snooze after snooze. Rushing to my desk in my room to start my work day. Hair is thrown up in a messy bun, my bed isn’t made and worst of all, I didn’t make coffee. 

A month into working remotely, my mornings became a mess. I was staying up late watching T.V. or just scrolling through my phone. I was thinking of everything I could have done but didn’t. I would look at social media envying people who were seeing the sunrise and simply having a beautiful cup of coffee photographed on an organized desk with light shining through their window. Things were getting a bit too dark for my liking and I knew I needed something to get me going…especially since I love mornings. 

Sasha’s morning routines came at a pivotal time in my life and it has been an absolute gift. Sasha set up a simple plan for my evenings to transition into a pleasant morning. It not only prepares me for a solid work day but fills me with joy and happiness knowing I am doing exactly what I want. Instead of regretting not moving my body or seeing the sunrise, I just do it and I am proud of myself! I start the days doing all things for ME knowing I deserve it. I highly recommend Sasha’s morning routines!

~ Kristen Wolfe


I would describe my mornings Pre Routine as a grab bag or a melange. I sort of did the same things every day, but I was never getting up at a regular time, and my evenings before were just as random. Sasha, recommended a routine that met me where I’m at and built in time that I never would have made time for before, such as taking a shower at a set time, easy to forget when you’re sheltering in place! I love having a document I can go back to and reorient myself.

~ Marcus Rajala


Phone tucked away last night. Sound machine on for 30 minutes prior to going to sleep. I woke up today at 6:30am which was 30 minutes before my alarm today. Bathroom, water, stretch, coffee. A quick work task to-do. Shower. All before Amina woke up. Helped her with her breakfast (grabbed mine too) and headed into 9am mtg. 

Husband asked, “How was your day?”

Me: “Great! Because I made it that way.”

~ Karyn Lee-Garcia