If you don’t listen to your body, it will demand to be heard

I’m a hypocrite. That’s right, I preach from the mountaintops the importance of self-care and that a hugely important part of it is making time to receive bodywork. Yet how often do I receive massages? Rarely my friend, very rarely.   It’s not because I don’t believe what I’m saying. It’s simply that I fallContinue reading “If you don’t listen to your body, it will demand to be heard”

Take This Necessary Step to Follow Through

Here’s the most important action you can take for getting something done: put it in your calendar. Whether it’s going to yoga, making an important phone call, paying a bill, or seeing an art exhibit, if you don’t schedule it in, chances are it won’t happen. This is especially true with self-care, if it isn’tContinue reading “Take This Necessary Step to Follow Through”

I love you and I’m listening.

Our bodies are highly intelligent and communicate with us constantly.  Well, at least they try to, though sometimes we don’t listen.  In those cases, the body usually finds ways to speak louder, scream if necessary, so we pay attention.   We all know its common signals: butterflies of excitement, sweaty nervous palms, stress tension atContinue reading “I love you and I’m listening.”

Receive What You Give

  We all have something special we put out into the world, whether we teach yoga, make delicious food for our loved ones, or create art.  There is something that you give regularly, and you do it because you love it and because it’s an innate gift within you that you have continued to cultivateContinue reading “Receive What You Give”