You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get

Decisions, decisions…   They can be both overwhelming and exciting, and if they’re big enough are usually accompanied with much discussion, research, and weighing of pros and cons. That’s all good, yet most of the time what determines whether or not we pull the trigger is the strength of our desire. Because you can findContinue reading “You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get”

It’s Time to Celebrate Your Inner Weirdo

The other day I was catching up with a good friend, and we found ourselves laughing hysterically about the stress and anxiety she feels daily over her white kitchen cabinets.   That’s right. Her kitchen cabinets.   Why, you may ask, would such an innocuous subject be the source of so much anguish? Doesn’t sheContinue reading “It’s Time to Celebrate Your Inner Weirdo”

How to Expand Abundance

All too often we think about what we want in the context of what we don’t have.   “I want to go shopping!” Underlying thought: I have no clothes. My wardrobe sucks.   “I want to go on vacation, but I don’t see how that’s possible anytime soon.” Underlying thought: I have too much workContinue reading “How to Expand Abundance”

What you’re learning about getting the relationship you want isn’t true

What you’re learning about getting the relationship you want isn’t true.   For years every time a relationship didn’t work out, no matter how obvious reason for its demise, I would think, “This is an opportunity to keep working on myself so I attract the kind of person I really want to be with.”  Continue reading “What you’re learning about getting the relationship you want isn’t true”

Winter Solstice reflections: A year of letting go

Today is the Winter Solstice, the darkest day of the year and the start of a new moon. Before ploughing ahead into 2015 with a multitude of goals and resolutions, today is a wonderful day to reflect on the year that’s passed, see all that’s occurred, and notice important turning points, patterns, discoveries, and opportunitiesContinue reading “Winter Solstice reflections: A year of letting go”

Everything’s going to be ok

Do you realize how much time you spend stressing about what might be, afraid of how things may or may not turn out, even though you actually have no idea how it’s all going to unfold? A lot of mental energy goes into that worrying, yet in the end, it all turns out just fine.Continue reading “Everything’s going to be ok”