The Power of An Apology

I’m sorry.   Those two words can mean the world to someone when said with deep sincerity.   Yet, we resist it all we can. We jump to our own defense. We justify our selfish actions and spiteful words in our minds and outloud. Anything to feel right and make someone else wrong.   AndContinue reading “The Power of An Apology”

When one person heals, we all heal

Happy Thanksgiving!   What are you reflecting on today? Perhaps you’re looking around and bursting with gratitude for all that surrounds you – your family, your friends, your home, an abundance of delicious home-cooked food (or amazing take out). I’m exceedingly grateful for all those things too, and I also find myself being thankful forContinue reading “When one person heals, we all heal”

Healing the heartache of a breakup

Oh breakups, really no fun at all. It’s a difficult topic to write about because every situation is so unique, yet over time I’ve come to learn a thing or two about the process of letting go. That doesn’t mean that I’m very good at it, and all experiences have their distinct variables, but thereContinue reading “Healing the heartache of a breakup”

How surrender inspires healing

Surrender is one of my favorite topics explore. It’s a very difficult concept to grasp for someone that tends toward overachieving and overworking. Yet repeatedly, I see how the act of surrender inspires healing, while resistance creates stagnation.   I am generally not a cooperative patient. When I get sick, I tend to view itContinue reading “How surrender inspires healing”

You’ll Get Through This: 7 Ways to Nurture Yourself During Tough Times

It’s always amazing to me that when you’re in the midst of something difficult, as badly as you want it to be over, it feels like things will never be different. Your body will always be in pain, your heart will always feel broken and closed, your anxiety defines you and will never transform.  Continue reading “You’ll Get Through This: 7 Ways to Nurture Yourself During Tough Times”

Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

This title is extra relevant because I grew up in Egypt. Thank you CR for your witticism.   Yes, I too suffer the consequences of denial. Even with my daily awareness practices of meditation, yoga, prayer, and writing, I still shut the door and put the blinders on to certain feelings. It’s not on purpose,Continue reading “Denial is not just a river in Egypt.”

Healing Waters

It’s late at night. I’ve had a full day of teaching, yet I still have a lot of work to do at home.  I start strong, plugging away, the ideas flowing. But then I hit a wall.  I’m tired, and I’m not thinking clearly. Getting frustrated, I decide it’s time to take a shower andContinue reading “Healing Waters”

The Revolution: Yoga as Therapy

  This is a story of two friends, John and Marc, who found their way to yoga later on in life than most.  What led them there was not a desire to do handstands, find enlightenment, or achieve a slender chiseled physique.  Rather, it was the desire to be free of pain and find joyContinue reading “The Revolution: Yoga as Therapy”