If it doesn’t feel good, change it!

  The past few days I’ve been chained to my computer, slaving away over a Facebook Ad campaign for a free training I’m doing. Notice the words? Chained. Slaving. I felt miserable, heavy, no energy, everything felt overly difficult. Then, a miracle! A massive shift happened that change the entire vibe of this project. Here’s whatContinue reading “If it doesn’t feel good, change it!”

Why “should” is a dangerous word

Do you ever have those moments when things aren’t going the way you wanted, but when you reflect back you realize there was a voice telling you to do things differently? Yet you pushed the voice aside aside, going with the other voice that was telling you what you should be doing? Had one of thoseContinue reading “Why “should” is a dangerous word”

How social plans can benefit your self-care

You may be under the impression that self-care requires clearing your calendar, being alone, taking a bath, and getting a massage. Though all of those things are lovely and can definitely be rejuvenating, self-care is not only about isolation. The truth is, you are a social creature and making social plans in many ways can benefit self-care. TooContinue reading “How social plans can benefit your self-care”