What are you trying to prove?

Lately I’m noticing that many people are on a constant unconscious quest to prove exactly the opposite of what they want to be true. There’s a tendency to stack up all the evidence that supports the belief that you suck, that you’re broke, that it’s not working, that the world is a dangerous place…  Continue reading “What are you trying to prove?”

Four principals of abundance and success

My favorite radio station in LA, KCRW, a nonprofit that survives and thrives on public support, teaches some valuable principals of abundance and success. As much as we might want those things, they can cause a lot of unnecessary anxiety. However, I believe if you keep a few core principals in mind, abundance and successContinue reading “Four principals of abundance and success”

My Summer of Self-Love

When you make a decision to do something, it helps to tell someone, or many people, as this will likely hold you more accountable than if you simply declare it to yourself. So here I am, declaring to you that this is my Summer of Self-Love!   For the next 90-days, I am very deliberatelyContinue reading “My Summer of Self-Love”