Respect your Body and Feel Extra Amazing!

Are you respecting your body in your chosen form of exercise or body movement? For years I thought I was, but it turns out, not so much. Thankfully, I turned it all around. For a few months now, I’ve been in an energy lull. Slow moving, not wanting to do any exercise that’s too rigorous,Continue reading “Respect your Body and Feel Extra Amazing!”

Be Teachable, Be Inspired

Being teachable applies on so many levels and kicks up your vibration in a major way.  From moment to moment, being teachable keeps you open, compassionate, and receptive.  More specifically, being teachable in your creative passion, career or otherwise, keeps you growing, inspired, and thriving.  Allow me to explain.   As a yoga teacher, IContinue reading “Be Teachable, Be Inspired”

Power Up Your Teaching with Clear Intention

There are many ways to prepare, or not to prepare, for teaching your yoga class.  Some teachers have very detailed plans, pose by pose, prop by prop, of what they intend to teach.  Others choose to be guided by the students that show up and by what feels right in the moment.  To each herContinue reading “Power Up Your Teaching with Clear Intention”

The Extreme Value of Gentle Yoga

Why practice Gentle Yoga?  Many people tend to be of the mindset that if they’re going to carve out 60-90 minutes of their day for a yoga class, they better be getting a good sweaty workout in as well.  I completely understand, I used to be of the same philosophy.  Then something shifted.  I startedContinue reading “The Extreme Value of Gentle Yoga”

Sweet Sweet Emotional Release

It happens.  Once in a while, in yoga class, there is a glorious moment of emotional release when the floodgates open and the tears rush through.  It seems to happen out of nowhere, a certain movement, a particularly insightful comment from the teacher, a powerful adjustment, something is accessed on a deeper level that allowsContinue reading “Sweet Sweet Emotional Release”