Birthday Wishes

It was my 37th birthday on Sunday! Of course this had me reflecting on the past 37 years and asking what it is that I’m taking with me into this new year of my life. The same theme keeps popping up over and over again, and here it is. When something doesn’t feel right – when you feelContinue reading “Birthday Wishes”

Support your inward journey

Happy Fall Equinox! Or if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, Happy Spring Equinox!   On the day of the equinox, we experience daylight and darkness in equal amounts. What a perfect time to embrace your light and dark fully! You are not only one note. You are many things, many emotions, many expressions of existence.Continue reading “Support your inward journey”

Reflections of nature: Shedding layers

There is this beautiful peeling tree in my backyard. Its bark is coming off in big slabs, and underneath it is a smooth mint green new skin. When I discovered this tree, it gave me great joy for a couple of reasons. First of all, I love peeling things! So I happily gave it someContinue reading “Reflections of nature: Shedding layers”

The Dalai Lama on self-love and the economy

I am a passionate advocate for self-love as the solution to pretty much every problem. Whatever it is you’re dealing with—stress, relationship issues, money troubles, health problems—taking a stance of self-love will lead you to a bright solution and an exciting path of healing. If you don’t believe me then perhaps you’ll believe His HolinessContinue reading “The Dalai Lama on self-love and the economy”

A True Story of Life Transformation

Working too many hours a day, feeling stressed all the time, grinding teeth, TMJ, constant tension in the body, and getting sick over and over again. “You name it. I was a mess and I knew that my life was out of balance.”   Sound familiar? I want to introduce you to Patty Carter Lin,Continue reading “A True Story of Life Transformation”