How to Expand Abundance

All too often we think about what we want in the context of what we don’t have.   “I want to go shopping!” Underlying thought: I have no clothes. My wardrobe sucks.   “I want to go on vacation, but I don’t see how that’s possible anytime soon.” Underlying thought: I have too much workContinue reading “How to Expand Abundance”

Feel extra fabulous on your vacation

Stay healthy, feel beautiful, and live luxuriously while away from home. After spending 10 glorious days on the beautiful island of St. Maarten/Martin, taking daily dips in the gorgeous Caribbean Sea, followed by 4 days in South Beach hanging poolside at the super stylish Raleigh Hotel, I’ve compiled 3 important tips for maintaining your naturalContinue reading “Feel extra fabulous on your vacation”

The very fun practice of tuning into pleasure

Did you miss me last week? Today marks my 70th Wellness Wednesday, and last week was the only week in that stream of 70 that I have not posted an article and sent out a newsletter.   So what happened?? I went on vacation! It’s not that I haven’t traveled in 70 weeks, but evenContinue reading “The very fun practice of tuning into pleasure”

Get out of town

I know this in my heart, yet sometimes it goes neglected. Getting out of town is necessary wellness for mind, body, and soul.   The day-to-day is very alluring. We get wrapped up in schedules, deadlines, what’s coming next, and what we have to prepare for. Everything we have going on seems so important thatContinue reading “Get out of town”

How to Stay Balanced Even When You Let Loose

Do you know that feeling when you travel, you’re so excited to be away from home and your regular work schedule, yet somewhere along the way you end up feeling exhausted, sluggish, and not your best self? I’m writing this post from Toronto, Canada where I am spending two weeks visiting family and friends andContinue reading “How to Stay Balanced Even When You Let Loose”