Get excited about money

What’s your relationship with money? As I emphasized in my article about my love affair with YNAB, financial wellness is absolutely a part of overall wellness as money is a big part of our lives, our culture, our society, and our world. Money stress is so acute because the truth is money is something withoutContinue reading “Get excited about money”

A mantra for how you want to be in the world

“Friendliness is my natural state of being,” is my favorite personal mantra these days.   I’ve adopted this mantra because I am on a mission to engage with as many people as possible every single day, especially strangers. It’s a personal challenge to myself, as historically I’ve been quiet, shy, and introverted.   You see,Continue reading “A mantra for how you want to be in the world”

Detox your space

I am moving next week and as of today have packed a grand total of one box! It’s a little bit of denial coupled nicely with a heavy dose of procrastination. Yet, I am excited for this process! Why?   Because I love to purge! I’ve moved a lot throughout my life, as a kidContinue reading “Detox your space”

Go from Crazy to Confident in 5 Minutes

Perhaps your finances are a mess. Maybe your life is in transition and you’re feeling uncertain and scared. Or you’re just yearning to invite more love into your life.   With the speed of life as it is, and all the demands and expectations we place on ourselves, it’s not uncommon to find yourself feelingContinue reading “Go from Crazy to Confident in 5 Minutes”

Sweet Sweet Emotional Release

It happens.  Once in a while, in yoga class, there is a glorious moment of emotional release when the floodgates open and the tears rush through.  It seems to happen out of nowhere, a certain movement, a particularly insightful comment from the teacher, a powerful adjustment, something is accessed on a deeper level that allowsContinue reading “Sweet Sweet Emotional Release”