Enjoy The Rain

There is a beautiful rain and thunderstorm happening right now, and I want to enjoy it. When this happens in the middle of the work day, I want to immediately go crawl under the covers with a good book. Now it’s the evening, the moment is here, so off I go, under my blanket with a book. Ooh, I’ll make a cup of tea too.

Here’s a video of the rain so you can enjoy it with me. Make sure your sound is on. There’s a gorgeous crack of thunder at about the 30 second mark. 

Stay present to the moments when life gives you exactly what you’re asking for, and make sure to receive those moments fully, in all their deliciousness and wonder. 

Happy Wellness Wednesday!

2 responses to “Enjoy The Rain”

  1. I love the rain!! I always think of the earth, the trees, the plants soaking up the water. But I have to admit I am scared of the lightning and thunder

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