Creativity and Exhaustion

As I worked on the second installment of my Art Vlog, I was struck with the theme of tiredness. For me, working full time seems to be a constant struggle against exhaustion and energy depletion.

Naturally, after three months off of work, my brain and body are readjusting to the stress of work – consuming information, analyzing, problem solving, making decisions, and communicating clearly and empathetically. As humans, we do this all day everyday regardless of our employment status. But it all feels a bit heavier when my livelihood is tied to it, and my decisions have a ripple effect on many people.

Even with all of that, I felt pleasantly surprised to see all the time I did manage to devote to drawing during this readjustment period. For me, the challenge will be to maintain my commitment to this creative pursuit while also keeping the pleasure alive. It seems though, after about 25 years of latency, creating is becoming a habit that’s simply a natural extension of what I do. That’s the goal anyway!

Enjoy the vlog 🙂

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