What is Coaching?

Coaching is the art of asking questions that leads clients to their own source of truth, power, love, and creativity. Coaching is a transformative partnership between coach and client where the coach facilitates and supports the process of co-creation. 

Who is coaching for?

Coaching is for anyone in a time of transition who is wanting, craving, and ready for transformation. Coaching requires complete commitment from the coachee to take responsibility for their life and their choices in order to facilitate their own growth.

Why me?

I coach because it gives me immense joy and satisfaction to witness people come to powerful insights and take command of their life in a more inspired way than they ever imagined was possible. My clients delight and surprise me all the time. I’m not working magic—I’m listening, asking good questions, and reflecting what I hear—yet, magic happens. I believe magic is available to everyone! We just need to plug into it to feel it pulse through our lives. Coaching helps you plug in. 

I am no stranger to the challenges of human existence. Growing up in dysfunction punctuated with depression, anxiety, alcoholism and infidelity leads one to develop all kinds of interesting coping mechanisms including a strong muscle of denial and debilitating perfectionism. The beginning of adulthood saw a marriage far too young, which, not surprisingly, was also punctuated with addiction and infidelity. 

Finding myself divorced and completely starting over at the age of 30 was both the scariest and most exciting time of my life. The next decade was a journey through entrepreneurship, deep soulful dives into yoga, meditation, and Thai yoga massage, lots of travel, and lots more financial and romantic misadventures. 

Another epic shift occurred when I worked with my first coach, Amber Krzys, making a huge investment in myself and my career path. Though she was not the first coach I worked with, I consider her my first coach, because she is the first person that showed me the power of asking the right questions, of generosity of time and spirit, of slowing down to speed up. As a result of my work with her, I made bold changes including landing a seriously amazing corporate gig, leaving a toxic relationship of 4 years, and moving across to the country to the paradise where I currently live. 

Though there was plenty of magic in the previous decade, it came with a heavy dose of chaos. This decade’s brand of magic feels like alignment. I advanced quickly in leadership roles at work, worked with more amazing coaches, and every day I purposefully create life in a way that feels most true for me, including a thriving coaching practice. Coaching continues to crack open more possibilities within myself and helps me access the internal and external resources that I might otherwise ignore. Denial and perfectionism are replaced with deep presence and curiosity for all that’s available and possible. This is the experience I bring with me to my clients.  

A coaching partnership is a powerful one, and I may or may not be the right coach for you.

The only way to know is to try it out…

Contact me to start the conversation.


Sasha grew up in Canada and Egypt. She graduated from The University of Toronto in 2003 with a Bachelors of Education, then moved to Los Angeles where she lived for 15 years, working in education, the health and wellness industry, and technology. She’s been coaching since 2016, working with powerful mentors along the way, and is a graduate of the Leadership and Transformative Life Coaching program at Sofia University. Sasha is a leader in customer support for Automattic Inc, and moonlights as a coach, working with clients spanning multiple industries including wellness, aviation, marketing, photography, and finance. Sasha helps her clients access their inner potential by releasing blocks and old belief systems, leading to a life of greater possibility and purpose. She currently lives in West Palm Beach, Florida with her partner Fernando and their chihuahua Nica. 

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