What’s that thing that you’ve thought about doing for ages, but always have a reason an excuse not to?

That trip you want to take

That book you want to write

That relationship you want to leave

That blog you want to start

That side hustle you want to get off the ground

That career milestone you want to pursue

That skill you want to master

That health goal you want to attain

That love you want to experience

That practice you want to live by

I hear you!

I have lots of those things. And I’ve also taken many big leaps on that very list that have absolutely changed my life for the better! Such as…

Sasha Stone Melrose Place

Leaving an unhealthy marriage

Taking a 2-month long solo journey to Thailand to study meditation and Thai yoga massage

Learning to salsa dance and performing 3 times (with zero dance background)

Becoming a yoga teacher and being a solo-preneur for a decade

Doing deep healing work on past traumas and initiating a profoundly transformative conversation with my parents

Pursuing my passion for life-coaching and working with incredible people to help them love their lives more!

What is it that allowed me to take those leaps?

A clear decision. A deep knowing that was instantly undeniable and the only choice was to act upon it. No excuse can stand up to that kind of clarity. 

That feeling of clarity, of knowing, of a clear actionable decision is SO GOOD, SO FREEING!

And then, actively seeking the right kind of support! It took me many years and a lot of unconscious suffering to learn the value of reaching out for and surrounding yourself with a support system. Coaching has been absolutely invaluable in my life and has helped me all major transitions, to come out on the other side feeling stronger, more motivated, more inspired, and more grounded than I could ever have imagined prior.

Are you ready?