Don’t Force It

Park Image

Life can be a tricky balance of knowing when to push and knowing when to let go. Sometimes you’ll be in execution mode, sometimes you’ll be in flow mode, and sometimes you’ll be in something entirely different and unknown.

Respect the seasons of your life, respect your energy, and get clear on your priorities. This will require self-awareness and radical honesty. It’s as good a time as any to get to know what matters to you most right now.

I spent most of January with my family in Canada, helping out with an important transition. During that visit, my family had 100% of my attention outside of work, and took some of my attention from work as well, if I’m being honest. I got clear on that before I got on the plane to Toronto, and it meant less time with friends and less time in the city than I’m used to. The result was an incredibly meaningful visit, where time actually slowed down for a moment, and all that really mattered was being available for the people I loved.

Now I’m back in Florida, and I’m about to enter a different season. Lots of visits and travel plans are making their way onto my calendar, and an upcoming speaking gig that I’m really excited about. I’m moving more toward my intention for this year, which is to create new connections and community. It feels good to see it starting to form.

Yet, tonight, I feel tired. My body wants to rest. I know myself, and I know a full calendar will require a lot of energy from me, so I’m being more respectful of the moments when I can just let go, and not force it.

That being said, I’ll bring this post to a close. In case you needed permission to rest, to let go of the pushing, this is it! If you feel like you’re forcing it, ask yourself if you really need to (you might, and that’s ok too). Respect your energy, and know that the season for doing is just around the corner.

P.S. The image at the top is a photo I took after work this evening. It’s one of my favorite places to go after work to rest, with my dog. Not only is it beautiful, but I inevitably meet or run into other wonderful people with cute dogs. A reminder that rest comes in many forms.

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