Getting focused on your life projects

I know it’s been awhile since I made an appearance in your inbox to share thoughts, insights, and events. I took a hiatus from writing over the summer to devote my attention fully to my life coaching clients and to moving to a new home.   I’ve come to believe that it’s super valuable inContinue reading “Getting focused on your life projects”

3 Important Life Lessons (that I learned from my boyfriend)

Dare I admit that I am not the only positive influencer in this relationship?? It’s true! Close observation of my male counterpart has taught me some important life lessons that are becoming increasingly relevant in my life. So rather than keep them to myself, I thought I’d share them with you…   Number 1: One-at-a-timeContinue reading “3 Important Life Lessons (that I learned from my boyfriend)”

Choose Pleasure

Everyday presents a series of choices, some more conscious than others. In every moment we are given the opportunity to choose what to do with our time. How often do you choose pleasure? It seems we are taught that the only productive use of time is to attend to our never-ending list of responsibilities andContinue reading “Choose Pleasure”