The truth about the holidays

How are you feeling about the beginning of the holiday season? Excited? Anxious? Stressed-out? Depressed?   While this is no doubt a celebratory time and an opportunity to gather with loved ones, the truth is, it often evokes heavy feelings of sadness, loneliness, and holiday depression. With all the joy being shoved in your faceContinue reading “The truth about the holidays”


Chatting with my mom on what gets us through hard times. I believe the BIG THREE for me are:   1) Having a huge heart. Injecting difficult situations with a lot of love is very productive. Sometimes that love means allowing yourself to get angry or sad, without judgment. Sometimes that means attending to yourContinue reading “GETTING THROUGH HARD TIMES”

Do you play the comparison game?

After having spent two incredible weeks in Trinidad & Tobago for a massive family reunion, I find myself reflecting on group dynamics and individual contributions. People, especially kids and teens, can spend a lot of time feeling inadequate, that someone else is more popular than they are, therefore worth more than they are. We areContinue reading “Do you play the comparison game?”

The very fun practice of tuning into pleasure

Did you miss me last week? Today marks my 70th Wellness Wednesday, and last week was the only week in that stream of 70 that I have not posted an article and sent out a newsletter.   So what happened?? I went on vacation! It’s not that I haven’t traveled in 70 weeks, but evenContinue reading “The very fun practice of tuning into pleasure”

What is home and family?

I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but in LA when someone meets you, the first question is, “Where are you from?” To which I reply, “LA.” This answer never satisfies though, and they must probe further. To which I then explain that I am not “from” anywhere in that sense of theContinue reading “What is home and family?”

Two essential questions to ask before you say “I do”

Recently I caused a minor facebook frenzy with the following comment:   “It is my observation that marriage for my generation is irrelevant and represents the death of love. I have a few examples in my life that prove otherwise, which is beautiful and wonderful. What about you? What’s your experience?”   I will admit,Continue reading “Two essential questions to ask before you say “I do””

Balance Your Stress by Being with People

Even with all I do to keep stress in check, life still gets overwhelming. When I have a lot on my plate my tendency is to isolate and shift into workaholic mode. If you have high expectations of yourself, it’s easy to feel like you’re not doing enough, so you have to do more andContinue reading “Balance Your Stress by Being with People”

How to Stay Balanced Even When You Let Loose

Do you know that feeling when you travel, you’re so excited to be away from home and your regular work schedule, yet somewhere along the way you end up feeling exhausted, sluggish, and not your best self? I’m writing this post from Toronto, Canada where I am spending two weeks visiting family and friends andContinue reading “How to Stay Balanced Even When You Let Loose”