How to be a shut-in

In December I wrote an article called How not be a shut-in, because I believe, if you’re someone that works from home, ensuring that you have dedicated time each week to get out the house and socialize is crucial for your overall well-being. Well, just a few short months later, everyone all over the globe is finding that their health and well-being relies upon being a shut-in! How quickly things can change!

I won’t pretend to have a prescription for doing this correctly, or even optimally. I know I’m finding myself coping with new levels of stress and exhaustion, and have to pay close attention to how I’m feeling daily and adjust accordingly. What I’d like to share here though, are some practices that can help you remain calm and have some degree of normalcy, even in these highly unusual times.

Stick to your routines

Spending a lot of time at home can create the illusion that laziness will feel good. The stress and overwhelm of the pandemic can overshadow the importance of the simple things, like making your bed and doing the dishes. Don’t let it! Routine is what gives your life structure, and structure will quite literally help you feel supported when everything around you feels like chaos. Get dressed, make the bed, keep your space tidy, and have a bedtime. Routines will keep you on solid ground.

Move your body

If you can get outside, great! Go for several mini-walks a day. If you can’t go outside, YouTube is your friend. There are millions of free workout, dance, yoga, however-you-want-to-move videos. Make it part of your routine! (see above) Schedule time every single day to move your body. The endorphins will lift your spirits and decrease the overall sense of drama. 

Notice what feels good about this situation

It’s easy to dwell upon what sucks. Instead, I challenge you to notice what you like about this unique situation you’re in. Perhaps you’re playing more games with your kids? Or maybe you’re doing more cooking? For me, I am no longer suffering from FOMO because there is literally nothing to miss out on. And, I’m really enjoying connecting with people socially over video calls. I had a happy hour with some girlfriends the other night who all live in different States, and it was extremely fun and relaxing!

Practice gratitude

Make a habit (there’s that routine word again) to write down 3 things that you’re grateful for every single day. Do it either first thing in the morning or last thing when you get into bed at night. Be specific. This practice will help calm your nerves and keep things in perspective. 

There is of course so much more you could do, but the last thing that you need to feel right now is more overwhelmed. I think that if you stick to these basics, anything else you manage to throw into the mix is icing. 

How are you keeping it together while honoring the call to stay home? Share in the comments below.

Yours in wellness,




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3 responses to “How to be a shut-in”

  1. Thanks for this Sash, I find that I am doing more cooking and trying new recipes.
    I am so grateful to FaceTime with my mama in Canada we say the rosary everyday ❤️
    I love routine.

    1. All wonderful ways to use the extra time at home!

  2. Wow nice idea, everybody should her life time maintenanc. It is good decision.

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