Falling back in love with work-from-home

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Over the past couple of months, I noticed a restlessness with working from home. I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. I wanted to get out, be around people, get away from my computer. I even stared longingly into the windows of local business, wondering what it would be like to have IRL colleagues again.

Joining a coworking space definitely helped. I have a part-time membership so I can come and go as I please. However, it’s extremely cold (too much AC!) and my ideal office setup is definitely still my home-office. So I only cowork once or twice a week. 

Enter Honeyjubu.

A couple weeks ago while I was sick and stuck in bed, YouTube presented me with the beauty and wonder that is Honeyjubu. She is a Korean homemaker extraordinaire. Her videos are beautifully crafted meditations on domestic goddesstry. I can watch them for hours, and I find them incredibly inspiring.

Since I started watching Honeyjubu, I am back in love with working from home. I wake up extra early, excited to get up and do my morning routine. I clean up the kitchen thoroughly after every meal and, at the end of the workday, I’m excited to create something wonderful for dinner. Folding clean towels in the middle of the day helps clear my mind and problem solve. 

The magic of working from home is back. I see how much time it affords me to enjoy the details of my domestic world. I understand that doesn’t float everyone’s boat, but it most certainly floats mine! I adore organizing and cooking. Cleaning isn’t my fave, but I love the end result. I know that if I wasn’t at home as much, all these things would feel a little more rushed, and likely more taxing. I love that I can be both a Domestic Goddess at home, and a Badass Boss Lady at work, at the very same time! 

How are you doing in your work-from-home life? Let me know.  

P.S. You can find Honeyjubu right here.

2 responses to “Falling back in love with work-from-home”

  1. That’s an interesting perspective on working from home. Thanks for sharing!

    Year 6 of working from home, and I am yet to dislike it. I think that’s because I approach it with gratitude, and responsibility.

    I started my work-from-home job (you know where 😀 ) when my son started primary school. Six years later, I still appreciate being able to drop him at school and pick him up in the afternoon. I enormously value that privilege, and constantly try to be worthy of it.

    Also thanks for sharing Honeyjubu’s YouTube channel. I love such content!

    1. > I enormously value that privilege, and constantly try to be worthy of it.

      This is such a beautiful perspective Chait. Thank you for sharing.

      I’m glad you like Honeyjubu!

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