From crisis to action

Times of crisis often spur us into action to take better care of ourselves, our relationships, our finances, our hearts, our community, our environment, or our world. You might feel called to start working out, eating healthy, being kinder to your loved ones, taking a dance class, volunteering, protesting, being fearless in your business, askingContinue reading “From crisis to action”

Why you’re panicking and how to stop

After feeling excited and energized all weekend, yesterday I went into major panic mode. Ahhhh, what am I doing? What if I fail? I suck! Thankfully, after confessing my fears to my boyfriend, cooking a nourishing dinner, and taking action on some key items, I woke-up feeling excited and inspired again. Then I went toContinue reading “Why you’re panicking and how to stop”

What lights you up?

When life feels hectic and overwhelming, it’s easy to curl up on the couch at the end of each day and zone out in front of Netflix, because you’re just too tired to do anything else.   Over a long period of doing that night after night, do you feel replenished, rested, and energized? DoContinue reading “What lights you up?”

Choose Pleasure

Everyday presents a series of choices, some more conscious than others. In every moment we are given the opportunity to choose what to do with our time. How often do you choose pleasure? It seems we are taught that the only productive use of time is to attend to our never-ending list of responsibilities andContinue reading “Choose Pleasure”

How Walking My Imaginary Dog is Changing My Life

We all do it.  Come up with grand ideas in our heads about what we’ll do, how often, how great it will feel and how awesome we’ll look.  Plus, the harder, sweatier, more intense it is, the better!    I’m talking about exercise.  It’s taken on such monumental weight (no pun intended) in our livesContinue reading “How Walking My Imaginary Dog is Changing My Life”

Receive What You Give

  We all have something special we put out into the world, whether we teach yoga, make delicious food for our loved ones, or create art.  There is something that you give regularly, and you do it because you love it and because it’s an innate gift within you that you have continued to cultivateContinue reading “Receive What You Give”