How Morning Routines Create Strong Emotional Boundaries

There are some surprising benefits of having a healthy morning routine: increased energy, better focus, and…stronger emotional boundaries? Yes! Watch below for a real life story of how a strong morning routine can help you get in touch with your desires and teach you to prioritize your self-care.

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  1. […] do yoga in the evening (Inspiration from my colleague Sasha that also writes a lot and very well on morning routines). I usually do yoga with my wife (15 – 20 minutes, not more), and from that moment, I do not […]

  2. […] por la tarde (mi colega Sasha, que me inspiró ésto, también escribe y lo hace muy bien sobre morning routines). Normalmente lo hago con mi mujer (15 – 20 minutes, no más) y, desde ese momento, trato de […]

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