The Most Effective Goal Achievement System

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably heard me rave about The 12-Week Year – my favorite book, and more importantly system, for goal achievement. 

Here’s why it resonated so deeply for me, and has been incredibly effective in moving my goals forward.

Helps You Cope with FOMO

Even though I’m a hard-working and disinclined person, a challenge I was facing making significant progress in my goals is that I had too many! I adore learning, experimenting, and fully engaging with this crazy journey of life. There is so much I want to do, accomplish, and experience in this lifetime, that I didn’t really know how to prioritize my time and energy. Even though I was incredibly busy, and often exhausted, I didn’t feel like I was doing enough.

The 12-Week Year provides an ideal solution to this dilemma. You work on your goals in 12-week chunks of time. You might complete an entire goal in that time period, or you might make significant headway. You decide on which goals to tackle by first establishing your 3-year vision. This helps you pinpoint what makes sense to work on now. If it doesn’t serve your vision, it’s not a priority! And once you see how much you can achieve in 12-weeks, you realize that whatever it is you keep putting on the back burner, whether it’s becoming fluent in Portuguese or taking a Pilgrimage to India, you know that when you decided to devote a 12-week year to it, it will happen.

The Gift of Progress

When your goal achievement window is limited to 12-weeks (vs. 12-months), the time limit spurs you into action. If you feel tempted to zone out on Netflix instead of working on your goals, you can remind yourself that you only have 12-weeks to achieve your objective, and suddenly your commitment becomes crystal clear. When you experience the satisfying energy of accomplishing your weekly tasks and ultimately your 12-week goals, you feel fueled to keep going. That stagnation you felt, that not-enoughness, is out the window.

A Structure to Return To

I am a structure superfan. It’s not because I think life has to be extremely structured. It’s because I know life is extraordinarily unpredictable, and a lack of structure only increases feelings of stress and chaos. Once you get acquainted with the 12-week year system, if you find yourself floundering, lost, or unmotivated, you know you can sit down and churn out a 12-week year plan that will get you back on track right away.

Bringing it to Life

Needless to say, I highly recommend you pick up the book, read it, follow the exercises, and start using it in your life asap. However, I know sometimes a book just isn’t going to cut it. That’s why I’m putting together a group of individuals who are excited to put this system into practice, and feel that satisfying shift of progress. We’ll be starting our journey in February, 2021. 

Interested? Let me know!

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