When Self-Sabotage and Hormones Collide

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Have you ever started your day with the best of intentions, and a clear plan of action, only to find yourself down a deep rabbit hole that has absolutely nothing to do with what you were attempting to accomplish? Combine that with a large serving of PMS and a dash of perimenopause, and you have yourself a potent cocktail of self-sabotage.

In this week’s video, I share a personal story of thoroughly embarrassing myself, and ruining a perfectly good morning coffee-and-goal-crushing session. May it help you avoid a similar fate…

Does this story of self-sabotage feel familiar to you? How does it show up in your life. Let me know in the comments below.

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2 responses to “When Self-Sabotage and Hormones Collide”

  1. Joan Davenport Avatar
    Joan Davenport

    Hi Sash. Your latest 2 Wellness Wednesdays have prompted me to share this with you.
    My dream is to write a short story for radio! I’m reading a very helpful book called “Write it all down” by Kathy Rentzenbrink. Its full of ideas of how to stop self-sabotage. She refers to Internet-blocking software. I wondered whether you knew about this software. You probably do. One of the suggestions she refers to is ‘timed writing’. I could go on and on, but one day I look forward to chatting with you about my project.
    Another thing that may be of interest. I had to buy a suitcase when returning from Canada to fit in a large amount of very old Davenport family documents. I want to go through it all making notes of the important names, dates etc so we can have that information to find out more about your other great grandmother (Jamaican) who we know very little about. Again we can chat about that too!
    I hope you have a really wonderful week in Jamaica. We’ve got close relatives there somewhere!
    Love you Sash.
    Auntie Joan

    1. Such exciting projects! I have definitely heard of blocking software, but don’t use it. I often find closing all unnecessary windows and apps to be effective enough, and going to a specific location to get something done. Of course, even that can backfire as it did at the coffee shop the other day! I’m excited to chat more about your projects.

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