In Search of Inspiration

Image of sketchbook painting

Is your to-do list another form of distraction from how you actually really and truly want to spend your time?

That’s the question I explore in today’s Vlog: In Search of Inspiration.

After my outing at the museum that inspired a sketch book creation, I pondered…

What’s the point of all this?

To-do lists can most certainly be a powerful form of distraction because productivity can numb you into feeling accomplished and therefore, that you’ve used your time well. But what about joy? What about creativity? How often are you directly and intentionally taking time for those needs?

When I feel restless, it’s because there’s something inside that needs attention and is not getting it. Quick ways I can squash that restlessness are exercise and productivity. Don’t get me wrong. Those are both good and healthy ways to spend time, but the end result is often more restlessness because it’s not what I actually want to be doing.

It’s kind of like when you having a craving for chocolate but you eat a piece of fruit instead.

When I feel that restlessness—that agitation—it’s usually because I want to be creative or I want to be social. To know which one, all I need to do is get quiet for a moment, turn my attention inward and ask myself, “What do you really want to do today?” The answer is usually pretty clear.

The best part? When I spend time in creative flow mode, or fun social mode, I feel energized. That energy makes me feel joyful, and either more motivated for the to-do list stuff, or too relaxed to care. Either way is golden.

This is all a practice, and honestly, something I’m only recently paying attention to. I’m sick of putting things off that I love for some nebulous time in the future. The people I admire most in life are those that are unapologetically devoted to their creative pursuits. So what am I waiting for?

What are we waiting for??

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  1. Loved this so much Sash, I too enjoy the Norton museum, you are such a fabulous artist❤️

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